Computer Systems Design

We excel in the formulation and delivery of information management systems involving  complex relational data, proprietary algorithms and a bevy of system integrations.  This is our 'bread & butter' and where our clients utilize us the most.

Research & Development

dropLogic will examine a technology, a proposed business service, or acquisition and provide our clients with a clear business opportunity analysis.

Reverse Engineering

Unique situations call for unique solutions.  Sometimes what you need is to bring a 3rd party solution in house or reclaim legacy knowledge with or without source code.  dropLogic has examined such systems and replicated their functionality.


Most engagements start here

Opportunity Analysis.  dropLogic will ideally take 1-2 months to thoroughly examine your opportunity and provide a detailed summation of their findings.  These include detailed background on the subject, current developments, current hype-cycle positioning, low possibility high risk scenarios and 3 options for implementing a solution.

They take life here

Once you decide on a direction, dropLogic will provide you with a fixed-bid contract with clear deliverables and a multi-quarter road map.  For each successive phase we will advance your solution until you decide to bring its development in-house or leave it for us to manage.


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