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dropLogic Inc. is a full service provider of business software solutions. Our process involves:

  • Identification of what business objectives your company wishes to achieve and why
  • Analysis and design of the right solution based on a set of prioritized criteria
  • Delivery of that solution in a prompt and economical manner

You may have a thorough understanding of the problem domain you are targeting or you may know only that you have a need. dropLogic Inc. makes sure that what is delivered meets your goals in a tangible manner. Perhaps the greatest value dropLogic can provide is peace of mind that your initiative is done right, the first time.

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    Needs Identification

    Initially, dropLogic will meet with you to ascertain whether our services and methodology are right for you. A relatively short meeting (most often 1-2 hours) in which we discuss your business, your high level needs, timeframe and success criteria will allow us to generate a proposal. This consultation does not generate a bill and is designed to maximize the likelihood that dropLogic is the right solution for you. If you accept our proposal, the next step is…

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    Business and Technical Analysis

    Determining the right balance of the various characteristics in a modern software solution and clearly articulating the proper design is vital to your success. The product of this phase has intrinsic value in and of itself. At the conclusion of this phase you will receive:

    • A clear and concise purpose statement as to what the IT initiative is designed to accomplish
    • Business and Technical requirements which can be used by any professional software company or your internal development staff
    • Business and Software diagrams modeling the solution which we have found to be the most effective way to covey the complex ideas contained therein

    Based on this analysis, dropLogic will create a proposal normally containing more than one option which will accomplish your objectives. These options will clearly explain the difference in value each option represents to your company and either a fixed bid or estimate for delivering it. Once affirmed, dropLogic will commence the next phase according to an agreed upon start date.

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    Development and Delivery of your Solution

    dropLogic maintains a network of both domestic and offshore assets which have proven themselves highly skilled and reliable.  The exact mix of assets, scalability, technology stack, usability and other project charecteristics is determined based on your current and future needs. You may monitor regular progress via a secure demonstration environment for user acceptance testing. According to a delivery and payment schedule defined in the proposal, you can take possession of the software produced after it is complete or in a phased approach.

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    Not only will training materials be provided, but other knowledge sharing services may be performed at your request.

    • Group and individual sessions, from a system usage, administrative and/or technical perspective, can be fine-tuned giving you a number of knowledgebase investment options
    • dropLogic Business Training lays out the landscape of your solution speaking in the language of your end users. Your staff will come to understand the purpose and role your system has in their daily lives, how it is designed to facilitate your business as well as enhance their abilities
    • dropLogic Technical Training familiarizes your development staff with the structure, methodologies and best practices for maintaining and extending upon your solution for years to come. We can even help find qualified staff you may hire full time or convert after a contract period (see Support)

    Training is an investment in your people and technology whose return is many fold.

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    Supporting a solution placed into production is a natural instinct when you engage those who take ownership in what they do.  dropLogic provides a number of different ways you can protect and invest in your solution. 

    • Warranty - The intitial warranty includes protection from all major defects.  Extending the scope, duration and response time for this service is also available
    • Planning Advice - Ensure your IT solution is represented during major business decisions.  Get peace of mind that specific initiatives have cohesion with or can be assisted by, your technology
    •  Find the Right People - As an aguementation to your current staff or your first developer, dropLogic can find the right people.  Bring someone on board or ramp someone up.  We want to make sure you are set up for success