Thank you for your continued interest.  The points below may answer some of your questions.

General Terms and Conditions

dropLogic performs all services on a fixed rate basis with defined project deliverables and a prospective completion date.  We require 50% of the contract to initiate work and the other 50% upon completion.  We deliver all source code and materials in real time with no functional limitations.  All deliverables are the sole property of your company.

Typify your approach

Our desire is to remain purpose driven, always engaged in activity which delivers measurable value which is many times that of your investment with us.  To do this, we link each deliverable to a business objective whether it is tactical, ongoing and/or strategic in nature.  We know how information systems are both built and how they are successfully birthed in an organization.  So, we mix our expertise at bringing your vision to life with the realities of implementing new process and software in any complex enterprise.

What does a 'fixed-bid' from dropLogic mean?

A fixed-bid from dropLogic is a covenant between our companies whereby we testify that the scope of work and desired time frames are realistic and achievable.  We do this consistently by taking the time to understand what you need and coming to agreement on each deliverable's general form and function.  Our continued success is in no small part due to the good faith dropLogic shares with its clients when it comes to achieving their goals.  We know how to get where you want to go, and we rely on your trust to guide you there expeditiously.

Describe your Reverse-Engineering process

We examine the target system from the outside diagramming all accessible functionality as well as sub-systems necessary to fulfill each function.  A new system is designed to fulfill each of these functions and representative data is seeded into it.  An iterative process whereby identical inputs are sent to the target system and to the new system is performed.  The results of which are documented and compared repeatedly until the output and performance of the new system is analogous to the target system from which it was based.


A client asked that the capabilities of a service provider be brought in-house and extended.  The service provider was unable/unwilling to create new stratification reports which our client had linked to a large sale.  Client data consisted of an annual 120 point questionnaire which also needed to be reproduced.  dropLogic replicated the current provider's functionality in nine months and produced the necessary T1/T2 comparison analytics before it was necessary fulfilling our client's obligations.

Do you warranty your work?

Of course.  All bug fixes are free and prioritized for 30 days following the completion date.  If your organization needs more time to QA the results, an extension can be built in to accommodate.