Q: How does a Project based engagement differ from Staff Augmentation?
A: Rather than being a general purpose member of your organization, our approach aims to identify and deliver upon specific objectives your company needs in order to succeed.  It is about being Purpose Driven and able to identify, define, refine, propose and deliver solutions.

Q: Why do you offer the option of a fixed-bid?
A: Our objective is creating well-defined, purpose driven engagements and open ended staff augmentation often meanders towards rather than focuses upon a solution. However, there are other, fundamental reasons why the hourly model does a disservice to both your company and your software partner:

  1. An hourly rate automatically places the relationship in an adversarial position. You rightfully want to control costs and are thus justified in questioning each billable hour to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. Charging an hourly rate motivates the contracting company to bill for as many hours as possible and often is a disincentive for timely completion. Neither places the focus where it belongs, on the product of this endeavor.
  2. With hourly billing, there is no cap on your investment. Wouldn’t you rather know, up front, what the project will cost and be able to link that investment to the business objectives you intend to achieve? Defined engagement allows you to go to the Board, Shareholders or other Business Leaders and demonstrate a fixed investment for which budget has been allocated and an expected return to justify it.
  3. When billed hourly the first consideration when engaging your technology partner is always, “what will this cost me?” We are not interested in creating a disincentive for you to contact us, or an impediment for your staff when engaging us. We would rather spend a few hours uncompensated so as to establish our value from the start.

Q: So what’s the catch?
A: In order to provide a fixed bid for either the Analysis or Development phase, dropLogic needs to arrive at a defined list of objectives, with clearly stated success criteria, decision maker(s) and timeframe for which the project is to be measured.

dropLogic will ask penetrating questions concerning your business, your objectives, priorities, schedule and availability in order to develop a framework upon which success can be measured and achieved. We will establish responsibilities and timeframes which will ensure we make the most efficient use of each other’s time. Finally we will agree upon a Statement of Work which is comprised of your success criteria by which we are judged.

Q: I’m not sure we know what we need. Does that mean we can’t do business?
A: Not at all, in fact much of the value we can offer is in answering exactly that question. We will try and refine your initiative during our Needs Assessment, if that is not possible it may be necessary to begin a limited series of engagements aimed at arriving at this definition. 

Ultimately a defined project will be agreed upon.  dropLogic has found that nothing kills the success of an initiative like lack of vision, indecision or atrophy. 

"Our Mission is to create success for our clients through targeted, purpose driven and appropriate technology solutions, providing real, measurable, value."

Q: Will you work on retainer?
A: Yes. My retainer is based on making myself generally available, during hours we agree upon and a basic understanding as to the scope of your need. It is for a set period of time (normally 90 days), is billed entirely up front and re-evaluated in the last month for extension. This is sometimes an attractive option when you are very early in the planning stage, know you will need general advice periodically or just want the security of an expert on call.

Q: I have an IT staff already and just need some advice.
A: The deep Architectural background dropLogic brings to the table is perhaps our most sought after service. We would be happy to help you start a mojor initiative off on the right foot, illustrate the future considerations necessary when assessing long term strategic plans or chart a path out of a quagmire.

Q: What if I just need a few contractors?
A: dropLogic will extend the option to hire certain human resources we bring on site to complete your project. While we consider every member of our team as an important asset to our company, we understand that staff continuity can make or break a solution's ongoing evolution.

Q: We are in the middle of a project and need some help. Can you help us finish?
A: We can offer two options in this circumstance:

  1. A fixed period and schedule during which dropLogic can provide you with advice on how to proceed.
  2. A proposal outlining what dropLogic can deliver to help complete your project or re-establish your footing.