Our Approach

Our Approach

Our desire is to remain purpose driven, always engaged in activity delivering measurable value many times that of your investment with us.  To do this, we link each deliverable to a business objective whether it is tactical, ongoing and/or strategic in nature.  We know how information systems are both built and how they are successfully birthed in an organization.  So, we mix our expertise at bringing your vision to life with the realities of implementing new process and software in any complex enterprise.

Our Story

Our Story

dropLogic was incorporated in 2011 by our CEO to focus on faithfully delivering his vision of an honest and symbiotic professional relationship with his community.  Shortly there-after, dropLogic became regularly solicited for its innovative approaches to problem solving.

Meet the Team

Here is the real secret sauce!


Aaron V. Zalewski

CEO / Architect

 An architect, engineer, analyst and the founder of our company, Aaron is insatiably curious about the world and how it works.  A rapid autodidact, his talent for assessing new systems and concepts, as well as his deep technical experience is leveraged heavily by the company.

Andrea R. Zalewski

Treasurer / Analyst

Analyst, business manager and treasurer of our company, Andrea is earnest in her pursuit of quality and compliance in all that we do.  A deeply organized thinker, witty and inquisitive, her cheery demeanor can be spotted whether deep in the weeds training Artificial Intelligence or just keeping us in line.

Lets talk...

...about what you want to accomplish.  We are excited to be part of your recipe for success.