Company Overview

dropLogic Inc. was started by Aaron Zalewski to put into motion the unique talents he and his network of software professionals have been practicing in private organizations for years. Himself an accomplished Enterprise Architect and self-described "Full Lifecycle IT Professional", Mr. Zalewski brings the people and processes he has proven successful and makes them available to the wider business community.


Aaron Zalewski President and Principle Consultant

  • Software Architect with experience going back to 2001 in the Microsoft .Net Technology Stack using C#, SQL Server and various other open and closed systems
  • Full Lifecycle IT Professional who provides or provisions any and all necessary skills needed to bring an IT initiative from concept to delivery
  • Business Technology Professional who views solutions holistically and from the perspective of the company, market, competition and potential for interoperability across the Enterprise and Strategic Partners

Aaron has been providing companies with business solutions through software since the year 2001. Beginning his career only months after the ‘dot com crash’, Aaron rose through the ranks as a professional software developer and analyst at digiChart Inc. an EMR company targeting the OBGYN specialty.

Recognizing the market in which he served, Mr. Zalewski concentrated his efforts on Microsoft technologies and the Healthcare market. While largely pragmatic, this decision proved to be personally rewarding in that it allowed Aaron to provide a finished product designed for people in need. Mr. Zalewski pursued a series of engagements which continued to build his expertise and establish him as a ‘Full Lifecycle IT Professional’, a person who can bring software initiatives from concept to delivery. He forged relationships with the best people he could find in the industry and established a network of professionals and organizations which demonstrated to him an ability to deliver on what they promised.

In 2010, Mr. Zalewski found himself at what many technology professionals consider the highest aspiration for a software person, Enterprise Architect. Employed at Onlife Health Inc. (a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee) he had firmly grasped what is the brass ring for most; securely employed, well respected and occupying the top tier of the software development food chain. However, he was not looking for a destination.

The root of Aaron’s passion is, and always will be, helping others by providing value and clarity where debt and uncertainty currently exist. The purpose of those relationships which have coalesced around him suddenly became clear and compelling. After much soul searching Aaron formed dropLogic Inc. for a very simple purpose, to do that which he loves.