TOGAF for Enterprise Architecture

Today I would like to talk about one of the three formal disciplines in software architecture; Enterprise Architecture.  Far from being a singularly technology oriented engagement, an EA review involves most of the business divisions within an organization. EA is a means to consider the entire enterprise, holistically, and re-align aspects of the business which rely upon and contribute towards the Information Technology group’s efforts. An EA review is often undertaken as a means to prepare the organization for transformative change, or to re-establish an Information Technology group, and their tertiary business facets, upon sound footing.


  • Phase 0: Prepare the Groundwork
  • Phase 1: Current State
  • Tools to evaluate the Enterprise
    • Value Chain
    • Mind Mapping
    • Business Alignment
  • Leadership
  • Phase 2: Future State
  • Phase 3: Implementation
  • Sample Architectural Plan

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